Holiday Shipping Deadlines

"It's the same game every year! Christmas is coming closer and closer and I just did not get to go shopping." 
This year in particular you need to pay attention to shipping deadlines and shipping options. UPS, FedEx and the Postal Service are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of packages shipped by online stores. 2021 is a perfect storm with longer than usual delivery times, combined with supply chain disruptions and difficulties getting the merchandise into the warehouse on time. These are the two main issues we are facing this holiday season. Unfortunately due to these factors, you see "Out of Stock" items more than usual this season on our site and we apologize for that.
Additionally we had to suspend expedited shipping options for selected items this season because our suppliers and business partners face the same issues and cannot guarantee on point delivery dates. 

Because of these issues that almost all online stores have to work with, pay attention to shipping deadlines if you are still Christmas shopping. Closer to the holidays it may be a good idea to pay your local retailer a visit instead of shopping online.

We have planned accordingly for next season and hope that we can leave the supply chain crisis behind us, so stay tuned for the new collection will arrive after the holidays this year, so this will be a great January!

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