15% Discount for Heroes

Here at Paul Malone Palm Beach we proudly salute and honor our true American heroes. We are not talking about Pro Athletes, we are not talking about famous Singers or Actors - We are talking about the True Heroes, our Military, our Policemen, Firemen, EMT's and our Teachers who dedicate their lives helping others, teaching others and care for others. A big THANK YOU from Palm Beach to you and all your efforts and actions you show every day without being paid millions of Dollars. Thank you for your passion and selfless acts.

Paul Malone Military Discount

We want to show our gratitude and thanks with a 15% discount on Neckties, Vests, Bow Ties, Shirts, Shoes and everything else at PaulMalone.com .

If you are one of these American Heroes, please verify and claim your discount code right here on our Exclusive Discounts Page !

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