Dress Socks

We speak with our Head of Design, Fashion and Collections for Paul Malone Palm Beach about Men's Socks for every occasion.

Let's talk about your Men's Sock Collection, what can we expect?

No Man wants to walk barefoot on cold days, so we put on socks, but socks are so much more than just a piece of clothing that keeps us warm, here at Paul Malone Palm Beach, socks are a fashion item that can be worn with Suits or with Jeans, business or casual. It does not always have to be a pair of standard black socks. Just like neckties, socks can be colorful in exciting Patterns and Styles. We pay attention to detail, to the materials we use for our socks. We use high graded cotton, viscose, wool or microfibers. Socks touch the skin directly and must be made of skin friendly materials. They must be durable and regulate moisture. Socks are heavily worked every day, after all most men walk quite some miles in them, therefore all socks we sell must be of the highest quality and workmanship.

Are there different kind of socks?

Yes, of course. Socks should be chosen by occasion and outfit. At the office you can show some color and Pattern or even a theme such as your favorite football team. At more traditional or formal events, choose solid colors, Black Socks, White Socks, Grey Socks or Brown Socks are most popular, but a dark Burgundy or Olive are also popular.

Are there any styling rules in the sock game?

If you are missing some fashion colors or patterns in your sock drawer, take a look at our sock collection. For example, you can find Paisley Patterned Socks in Red or Striped Socks in Blue and Yellow for more casual outfits. We carry classic, solid socks in almost every imaginable color for more traditional outfits. Just make sure the socks complement the overall ensemble. Match colors with the Shirt or Necktie you are wearing, show some fashion at your feet and wear it proudly. You wouldn't believe what a conversation starter socks can be.

Why should I buy Socks from Paul Malone Palm Beach?

We offer a great variety of Socks, always at the best price. Different brands, styles and cuts for Suits can make it difficult to choose. We are here to help. Socks should reflect your personal style make you feel good about yourself wearing it. Wearing fashion socks should give you confidence. Men wearing our socks look more established and sophisticated, so if you need help finding the right pair for you, contact us at info@paulmalone.com with your question and a stylist will get back to you with answers.