What tie-type are you? Regular Tie or Slim Tie

We get calls on a daily basis from customers asking us the same question: What tie width should I go with? In recent years, the trend in necktie fashion went to slimmer widths. 10 years ago most ties were about 4 inches wide and we called it regular width.

Today a regular width tie is considered to be anywhere between 3 inches to 3.5 inches wide. That does not sound like a drastic change, but it makes a difference. In high fashion circles ties are 2 to 2.25 inches wide. That may look good on the cover of a fashion magazine or fly with a very slim build 18 year old, though most days, a regular tie is the way to go. Be it in the office or at a wedding, a quality tie will make the outfit. Match it against your suit or shirt and you are guaranteed to make an impression and sometimes even have a conversation starter.

Slim or regular, choose what you like. Always remember, there are no rules in the game of fashion!