Rules about tie width and what we think about that

In recent years, the width of ties have gotten a lot of attention. There are companies out there giving there own opinion on what is the correct width of a men's tie. Here at Paul Malone we do not set rules on anything fashion related, and certainly not on the question of what is the correct width of a tie. We very much believe that there are a thousand moves in the game of fashion, and the only correct rule is to feel great in what you wear. Don't believe all these self-proclaimed experts telling you that a slim tie is the only way to go, just because some designer in Paris or a famous 20 year old actor tells you that this is the way to go.

Slim Tie or not Slim Tie - That is the question
What is the correct tie width? Who makes these rules?

Everyone is different. The way you wear a tie depends on your body, your weight, your height, your age among other factors, but it certainly ALWAYS is a matter of personal taste. Don't let these "Super Experts" and "Instagram Personalities" tell you what, when and how to wear, find your personal Style, go with it and feel good in your own skin. Any tie width is acceptable as long as it complements your outfit and you feel good about yourself, so don't restrain yourself with unwritten rules set by people that you (and us) don't know. 

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