Step up your Dress Sock Game

Not long ago, no man cared about his socks. Do you think your grandfather would have worn red paisley dress socks? Nope! But now it's 2017 and you better get it straight, it is sock season! Do you think socks aren't important to your outfit, solid black will do, nobody looks at it anyways? Think again. These days, every men should have at least 10 good pairs of dress socks in his drawer, it shows sophistication and an eye for detail and btw. are very functional and comfortable for a long day at the office or wedding or prom or party or... .

We suggest you browse our Sock Collection and get inspired . And while you are at it, let us give you a few information about what to look out for. Natural Fibers are a must if you don't want to stink up your shoes. A Cotton blend with 70% plus Cotton is preferred. This way you enjoy the advantages of natural fibers in combination with the stretch and comfort of elastane or nylon (unless you enjoy having your blood circulation interrupted).

Reinforced heels and toes are important. You want a long last and socks tend to wear out first in exactly these places. Good socks have hand-linked toes, you don't want seams making you uncomfortable in your shoes.

Even though we believe that there are no rules (or at least very few) in the game of fashion, we still think that it is important that your socks match your pants. But that is about it, if you think you can pull a certain combination off, then simply do it. We may add to not show skin between socks and pants, but again, if you think you can wear it, go for it. It is your world and you can wear it as you very well pleased.

So, see our collection of Paul Malone Dress Socks and we are very confident that you will be back for more.

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