Supply Chain Disruptions

You may have heard it already, most businesses around the world have to cope with supply chain disruptions and rising manufacturing and logistics prices. We are no exception and have to deal with this crisis in one of the busiest times of the year. Unfortunately here at Paul Malone Palm Beach we experience longer than usual supply times, meaning some of our items sell out before we are able to restock them. Shipments that used to take 2-3 weeks now take 6-8 weeks, Manufacturing processes take longer than usual, delaying some shipments additionally. 

We have planned in advance and our warehouses are stocked and you won't see any delays for your order, but unfortunately you will see some items on our website that have sold out and we won't be able to restock before the holidays. 
We are writing this only to inform you about the situation and as an explanation in case you wonder why some items show a status of 'Sold Out' . 

We hope this crisis will resolve in the spring and we are planning accordingly to minimize the disruptions in the next seasons.

Supply Chain disruptions

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