Bow Ties

The Bow Tie is experiencing a style comeback. How should a modern Gentleman wear a bow tie these days?

For a long time, bow ties were looked at as a symbol of the upper class and the establishment and were rejected by the youth of the 1950s and 60s. From there on out bow ties were mostly worn at formal events or by artists and scientists. In the past 10 years, men rediscovered the bow tie and designers and fashion brands came up with exciting and fashionable designs and styles to help the bow tie to a grand comeback. Today bow ties are worn with Jeans or Chinos, for business or casual as a fashion accessory, most often combined with a Pocket Square or suspenders. Still a staple at weddings, Proms and other formal occasions, the bow tie is more popular today than it was for the past 50 years.

Silk is a popular material for bow ties, what else is available on ?

You can find a multitude of bow ties and bow tie styles in our online store, often made of Silk, also in Cotton, Microfibers or blends. A special touch is a velvet bow tie, these are available in multiple versions and colors. 

Should I buy a pre-tied bow tie or freestyle bow tie?

Bow Tie Connoisseurs will tell you that you should always tie the bow tie yourself, you can tie it in different ways and give it the special touch, however, more often than not men have difficulties tying a bow tie. To make life easy and still show style, we also carry hundreds of tied bow ties that are easy to maintain and wear.