Men's Suit Knowledge Base

We speak with our Head of Design, Fashion and Collections for Paul Malone Palm Beach about the most complex Men's Outfits of them all: SUITS.

What does a classic Men's Suit include?

The typical two piece Suit includes the Jacket and the Suit Pants. If you want the full experience, choose a 3 piece Suit that includes the Suit Vest (aka as waistcoat) as well. However, we here at Paul Malone Palm Beach offer hundreds of beautiful Suit Vests and Vest Sets that will enhance your look by mixing and matching the Suit with a Vest. Choose a Waistcoat that complements thee colors and fit of your Suit.

Suit Jacket

Jackets mostly come with two or three front buttons. According to common fashion rules (eventhough we do not believe in rules in the game of fashion), the first button (on the bottom) is kept open at all times to not restrict movement and looks a bit more casual. The sleeves should end between your thumb and wrist, if you wear shirts with French Cuffs, let the Cufflinks show by about a 1/3 of an inch under your sleeve.
There are two main styles of Suits, single breasted and double breasted Suits. Single Breasted Suits are the most common Suits these days, but the double breasted Suits were revived in recent years and are very popular among Suit lovers.

Suit Pants

Here at Paul Malone Palm Beach we sell mostly Flat Front Pants with our Suits. Historically, pleated Pants were popular in Suit ensembles, but in recent years flat fronts took this place, especially since the trend goes more and more into slimmer cuts and fits.
Through the years, common conception of how long the pants should be worn changed. Up until the early 2000s most Men wore their Suit Pants longer on the shoes, this changed dramatically in the past 10 or 15 years and Suit Pants became shorter and shorter, especially in Slim Cut Suits. These days we recommend the Suit Pants to end just about the shoes without touching them. Make sure to wear complementing dress Socks!

Suit Vest

Suit Vests can or cannot be worn with a Suit, but they clearly enhance the look. For business Suits we recommend matching Suit Vests, a three piece Suit serves you best. For formal events, we recommend a Suit Vest or Tuxedo Vest. These come in exciting colors and designs and enhance the Suit tremendously.  Make sure that the colors and style match the Suit when you buy a Tuxedo Vest Set.

One important thought when buying a Suit is the fit and Style. What should I pay attention to when I buy a Suit?

Trends change over time, in the past years it shifted more into slimmer, tapered cuts and styles, but this is not for everyone. Most important is to look at yourself to see if your body type supports the cut of the Suit. Young Men with slim physiques can wear Ultra Slim Suits easily and look handsome in them. If you carry a bit of a belly or are very muscular, you want to consider a classic cut.

Generally we offer Classic Cuts, Contemporary Cuts that are a bit more tapered, Slim Cuts and Ultra Slim Cuts.

What Suits to which occasions?

The occasion decides about color and type of Suit. In Business, darker colors such as Black, Charcoal, Grey and Navy Blue are popular and classic suit styles are appropriate.
For Weddings, Suits usually become more colorful, more festive, often combined with a Bow Tie or festive Necktie or full Tuxedo Vest Set.
Other Black Tie or White Tie events have a dress code and you should follow these rules accordingly. Mostly Tuxedos are worn at these events. Historically Tuxedos were very boring and all looked the same, these days we offer various kinds of Tuxedos in different cuts and fashionable color nuances.

How do I choose the right Shirt for the Suit?

For the choice of the shirt, the color, collar and cut matter. Choose by occasion and Style of Suit. If you wear a Slim Fit Suit, we recommend a Slim Fit Shirt with it. The choice of Collar depends on the type of neckwear you choose for your outfit, if you choose to wear a bow tie, go with a smaller collar such as cut away collar, wing tip collar (for festive occasions) or classic Kent. If you wear a necktie, go with a classic Collar or fashion collars such as shark collar or cut aways.

Which Accessories are appropriate to wear with a Suit?

Even though we don't like rules in the game of fashion (after all, who makes these rules?), there are certain things you should consider when you assemble your outfit. Common conceptions are that shoes and belt should be in the same color family, Necktie and Pocket Square should complement each other, but it does not mean that they have to match. Cufflinks are always a great fashion accessory that can also be a great conversation starter . Wear a nice, high quality watch and leave the digital sports watch at home for the occasion. Very elegant of course are pocket watches, but you don't see this much anymore.
Certain occasions such as weddings call for a Lapel Flower or Lapel Pins. Again, pay attention to the details and wear a tie that complements the other accessories.

How should I care for my new Suit?

Always pay attention to the care label inside the Suits front pocket. Don't wash a Suit ever, always take it to the dry cleaner. If you notice a small smudge the day after a Wedding Party, you can try to remove it carefully with some water and soap, but I would also recommend the dry cleaner.

Why should I buy my Suit from Paul Malone Palm Beach?

We offer a great variety of Suits and formal attire, always at the best price. Different brands, styles and cuts for Suits can make it difficult to choose. We are here to help. A good suit is not merely a piece of clothing, It is an investment in a fashion item that can be worn for years to come. A suit should reflect your personal style make you feel good about yourself wearing it. Wearing a Suit should give you confidence. Men in Suits look more established and sophisticated, so if you need help finding the right suit for you, contact us at with your question and a stylist will get back to you with answers.