Neckties Knowledge Base

Why should Men wear a Necktie and what should Men pay attention to when wearing a tie?

Gentlemen that embrace neckties know about the importance of an impressive, clean and fashionable look at the workplace and the necktie is part of just that. A necktie is and has always been a fashionable accessory to give your business suit the final touch. A Men wearing a tie makes a statement of success, power and ambition. In recent years society moved a bit away from the tie, allowing men to wear a suit and shirt without a necktie, but that does not change the fact that a suit and shirt without the tie seem somewhat unfinished and lacks the final touch.

Most ties are made of silk or other quality, stylish materials. For formal suits, executive functions and other high powered events we always recommend a woven silk tie, for a bit more casual look, choose a cotton tie or linen tie or other materials that fit the occasion.

For a Gentlemen that chooses a new necktie, material, color and pattern are the most important factors, but you can't forget about the length. The tip of the tie should sit right above the belt buckle. For tall men it is therefore recommended to choose an extra long tie. The classic necktie length is between 58in. and 60in. long , extra long ties come in lengths from 63in and up. Here at we even feature Super long ties with a length of  over 71in. .
An additional fact to consider is the tie width. Classic ties have a width between 3in and 3.5in at their widest point. Wider ties go up to 4in in width while slim ties come in width between 2in. and 2.75in. Choose the tie width according to your outfit. If you wear a slim fit suit with a slim fit shirt, you should choose a slimmer tie with for your ensemble. A good rule of thumb is that the tie should not be wider than the suits lapel.

Which tie knot would you recommend?

The choice of the right tie knot depends somewhat on the tie itself, on the material, color and pattern. The four-in-hand knot, double windsor knot or single windsor knot are fitting at almost any occasion. These knots are basic, fitting to almost any shirt collar and easy to tie. Here at Paul Malone Palm Beach recommend the double windsor knot. It gives the knot a full body and looks good with almost any collar and shirt. For some formal occasions Men can choose other, more sophisticated and tricky knots such as the trinity knot or eldridge knot.
A tip for every tie wearing man is to untie the knot after you wear the necktie to keep the tie in good shape and wrinkle free.

What color should I choose for a classic necktie?

Neckties are fashion accessories and fashion changes constantly and seasonally. In the spring and summer, lighter colors are recommended, in the fall and winter, darker, more subtle colors are popular. Some colors are always a good choice and can be worn all year, every year. Black ties, Red ties, Navy ties or classic Blue ties are always a good choice and match most suits. Wear it with pattern or solid. Every Man should have a collection of different tie patterns and colors available in their wardrobe. Paisley Ties are always popular, so are Polka Dots and Stripes.

Why should I buy my Necktie from Paul Malone Palm Beach?

We offer a great variety of Neckties and Accessories such as Pocket Squares and Cufflinks, always at the best price. Different Colors, Patterns and Styles of Ties can make it difficult to choose. We are here to help. A good Necktie is not merely a piece of clothing, It is a small investment in a fashion item that can be worn for years to come. A Necktie should reflect your personal style and make you feel good about yourself wearing it. Wearing a Necktie should give you confidence and a sense of Pride. Men in Suits look more established and sophisticated, so if you need help finding the right suit for you, contact us at with your question and a stylist will get back to you with answers.